Home Patio Design Tips

While the traditional layout for a patio is a large cement slab housing an overhead structure at the rear of the home, the reality is it’s not exactly practical.

By doing that, we are failing to get the most out of our patios. Our design consultants will advise you that the best starting point with patio design is functionality. If you can accommodate for this, you’re on your way on creating a great patio space. If you get the basics covered, you will create a warm, inviting space for you to cook, relax or entertain. That’s what we are going to look at today.


Exterior Patio

Exterior Garden Patio with a wood ceiling, fireplace and comfortable garden furniture.

To a large extent, your patio design is going to be influenced by the topography of your yard. When you are in the planning phase, get out there and have a walk around and try and get a sense of where the patio would be best situated.

Things you should take into consideration are natural shade, wind direction (you don’t want gusts of wind blowing into your patio), and view.

Use ALL the space in your backyard, rather than having it placed right up against your backdoor – you can always connect it to the main living space with a pathway.

Having your patio away from the home will prevent a claustrophobic feeling of having things too bunched up and it will encourage people to get out and enjoy your outdoor area.


If you want to entertain in your patio area, it’s going to have to be larger than you think. Not only will you need the space for furniture, but also to allow traffic to go in and out of the area.

Have you ever noticed how people at parties tend to break off in different locations? A well thought out patio design will allow people to disperse into sections. This is especially effective on larger properties. Break up your layout into different ‘outdoor’ rooms using walls, paths and vegetation.

Another way to draw them to different areas of the yard is with focal points. Not only can these points of interest (ponds, statues, trees, firepits etc.) help people visually take in the area, but they can also create natural destination spots.

Balance landscape with hardscape

Sunroom Patio

Airy sun room patio with a transparent ceiling and a few key features

The thing people want most out of their patio design is adequate shade. It’s not surprisingly considering the scorching summers we experience in Western Australia. Unless you want your friends and friends to blister, make sure there is enough.

You can do this by designing around areas of shade (e.g. trees) or by having your patio north facing, which is likely to give the most shade. Also, don’t be afraid to use shade covers if you need to. Remember, being comfortable in your patio area should be your top priority.

Caption: Airy sun room patio with a transparent ceiling and a few key features

You don’t want your patio area to be dominated by hardscape. That is why the best ones find a nice balance between structures and landscape design. An easy ways to do this is by breaking up the patio and pathways with grass areas. Another way is to incorporate flowerbeds along between structures or to soften hardscape edges with planter beds.

We hope this blog has got you thinking more about patio design. If you are looking for a quality and affordable patio for you home, why don’t you take a look through our range?